From intern to employee - Kari Lenz

For Kari Lenz ’12, Lycoming College was integral in setting her on her career path. The corporatecommunication major and business administration minor works as a leasing consultant for Paradigm Companies in Ballston, Va.

Paradigm is a real estate development company that consists of three branches: construction, development and management. They have been providing high-quality housing and real estate options in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 20 years, with a focus on creating family-sized, residential properties in and around Washington, D.C.

Internships with the company have been recurring experiences for many Lycoming business students. The company’s CEO, Stanley W. Sloter, is a 1980 graduate of the College and member of the Lycoming College Board of Trustees. Lenz interned with Paradigm in D.C. during summer 2011, and was offered a full-time position there before she graduated.

During her internship, Lenz showed clients the benefits of the Paradigm community, executed resident events and learned general business skills. “It was such a great experience; it made me feel more prepared for the real world,” she stated.

Now, Lenz helps prospective clients find homes in Paradigm’s communities. Much like during her internship, she gives tours, interacts and builds relations with current residents, helps plan events and assists with financial reports and online marketing.

“I have very good people skills, and this profession allows me to interact with many different types of people,” she said. “I love the people I work with and I really enjoy going to work each day.” Her enthusiasm shows, as the young employee recently received the company-wide monthly leasing award.

Lenz credits the College for preparing her for her profession. “Being at Lycoming definitely fed my interest in working for Paradigm. I was very involved on campus, which allowed me to interact with many individuals and strengthened the people skills I now use so often.”

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