Class beyond borders

Class beyond borders

Each year, Lycoming College students get the chance to step out of their comfort zone and into a new adventure when they make the decision to spend their May Term studying abroad. In the past three years alone, students have traveled to many different countries, including Israel with the archaeology program in 2011, China with the art department in 2012 and Canada with the communications department in 2013. This year, students will get to gaze at Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in Italy, snorkel along the reefs in Honduras, visit the Bank of England Museum and celebrate the 1200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne by exploring sites important to his legacy in Germany and France.

Tropical Marine Biology
Students will travel with Mel Zimmerman, Ph.D., professor of biology, to Honduras, where they will spend eight days at The Roatan Institute for Marine Science (RIMS) on Roatan Island. Students will snorkel and dive along the reefs to explore coral diversity and reef health. They will analyze the ecology of organisms, ranging from sponges, squid, octopuses and sea turtles to fish. In addition, students will get to work in RIMS’ dolphin training/research facility, where 15 bottlenose dolphins reside. They also will take a tropical forest/garden ecology tour and a zip-line canopy tour that begins in the central highland and ends at the sea with a night snorkel/diving trip.

Art in Italy
Students will get the chance to visit the many historic wonders of Italy, including Doge’s Palace, The Basilica of St. Francis and The Sistine Chapel. During their 12-day stay, students will have the opportunity to learn how to blow glass in Venice and make leather in Florence, along with taking part in the several courses offered on location, including photography, digital imaging, painting, drawing and art history classes with Amy Golahny, Ph.D., art history professor, Seth Goodman, art professor, and Michael Darough, visiting assistant professor of art.

European Business Experience
During this 10-day trip to England and Austria, students will visit various business, government and cultural sites in order to gain an understanding of foreign operations and the context in which these countries’ economic, business and accounting institutions operate. Under the guidance of Mehrdad Madresehee, Ph.D., professor of economics, and Georg Grassmueck, Ph.D., professor of business administration, the group will tour landmarks in London, visit the Bank of England Museum and the Austrian National Bank, as well as The University of Vienna.

Charlemagne’s Europe
This trip is scheduled to coincide with the 1200th anniversary of the death of medieval king Charlemagne. By means of wars and negotiations, he came to rule an area comprising all or parts of no fewer than 12 modern European nations. Throughout this vast realm, he sponsored cultural and legal reforms, sparking a movement known at the Carolingian Renaissance. Students attending the trip will visit sites associated with Charlemagne, his dynasty and his legacy, including ones in Aachen and Bamberg, Germany, and Paris, France, with Cullen Chandler, Ph.D., associate professor of history, Amy Cartal-Falk, Ph.D., assistant professor of French, and Len Cagle, Ph.D., assistant professor of German.

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