Government Information at the Snowden Library

Locations of Documents

Print and microfiche collection: Most of the documents collection is located on the north side of the fourth floor across from the folio section. Publications are arranged according to the Superintendent of Documents classification system (see classification list which follows). Microfiche publications are in the cabinets on the west wall.

Several government periodicals (for example, Economic Indicators, FDA Consumer, and Monthly Labor Review) are shelved in the periodicals collection. Current issues and bound volumes are on the second floor.

Electronic Collection:

See our Electronic Federal Documents page. CenStats includes several databases such as County Business Patterns and International Trade Data. CD-ROMs are shelved with the print collection.

Reference Collection:

Selected popular reference titles (such as the Statistical Abstract of the United States or Occupational Outlook Handbook) are shelved with the reference collection.

Snowden Library Periodicals A-to-Z List

Use the Full Text Finder to identify available years and locations of selected government periodicals.

Snowden Library Online Catalog

Use the online catalog to identify the call number of those titles which are shelved in the reference and circulating collections.

If you need assistance locating a particular publication, please ask a librarian at the Research Help Desk for assistance.

Superintendent of Documents Classification System

Documents are organized by the issuing agency:

  • A  Agriculture Department
  • AC  Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
  • AE  National Archives and Records Administration
  • C  Commerce Department
  • CC  Federal Communications Commission
  • CR  United States Civil Rights Commission
  • CSA  Community Services Administration
  • CZ  Panama Canal Company and Panama Zone Government
  • D  Defense Department
  • DC  District of Columbia
  • E  Energy Department
  • ED  Education Department
  • EP  Environmental Protection Agency
  • FA  Fine Arts Commission
  • FCA  Farm Credit Administration
  • FEM  Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • FHF  Federal Housing Finance Board
  • FHL  Federal Home Loan Bank Board
  • FM  Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
  • FMC  Federal Maritime Commission
  • FR  Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  • FT  Federal Trade Commission
  • FTZ  Federal Trade Zones Board
  • GA  Government Accountability Office
  • GP  Government Printing Office
  • GS  General Services Administration
  • HE  Health and Human Services Department
  • HH  Housing and Urban Development
  • HS  Homeland Security
  • I  Interior Department
  • IA  United States Information Agency
  • IC  International Communication Agency
  • ITC  International Trade Commission
  • J  Justice Department
  • JU  Judiciary
  • L  Labor Department LC Library of Congress
  • LR  National Labor Relations Board
  • MS  Merit Systems Protection Board
  • NAS  National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • NC  National Capital Planning Commission
  • NCU  National Credit Union Administration
  • NF  National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities
  • NMB  National Mediation Board
  • NS  National Science Foundation
  • OP  Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  • P  United States Postal Service
  • PE  Peace Corps
  • PM  Personnel Management Office
  • PR  President of the United States
  • PREX  Executive Office of the President
  • PRVP  Vice President of the United States
  • RR  Railroad Retirement Board
  • S  State Department
  • SBA  Small Business Administration
  • SE  Security and Exchange Commission
  • SI  Smithsonian Institution
  • SSA  Social Security Administration
  • T  Treasury Department
  • TC  International Trade Commission
  • TD  Transportation Department
  • VA  Veterans Affairs Department
  • X, Y  Congress

Use the SuDoc number to locate the item in Snowden Library. Start by finding the section matching the first letter or letters (C, PREX, etc.) and look for the following numbers in order.

If you have questions or suggestions related to the Documents Collection in Snowden Library, please contact Mary Broussard, x4068,

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