State of the Library: Academic Year 2012-2013

Library staff members look forward to working with you in the coming academic year. Here are some academic library trends for 2012 as identified by the Association of College and Research Libraries and how each applies to Snowden Library.

Trend Communicating value: Recent value-related research finds a correlation between library instruction, the use of library materials, student grade point averages, and faculty success. Because of the value we place on instruction, we are very pleased to be able to fill our third instructional services librarian position this fall so that we can continue our information literacy initiatives. Jessica Oberlin, Lycoming College '06, will be joining us in late October to teach in our program and to supervise interlibrary loan. Until then, we are very pleased to have Mary Sieminski working with instructional services.

Trend Digital preservation: Preserving local collections is of increasing concern. Snowden Library makes available core documents representing the history of the College. Newly available is digitized Academic Bulletins, 1970-2000. These primary source documents support student research in not only history, but also women's studies, sociology, and education topics, and they also provide interesting materials for freshman composition. The collection is supplemented by the collaborative Lycoming County Women's History Collection which has added lots of additional documents over the summer.

Trend Mobile environments: Snowden Library continues to increase its access for mobile devices. Check out the link from our website.

Trend Patron-driven e-book acquisition: This just-in-time procedure purchases books with immediate need. Once a title is triggered, we own a perpetual archive. Each week we receive catalog records for titles that meet our selection profile. The records are added to our online catalog, making the titles available for immediate use by the Lycoming community. If and when, the title is used, we pay for it. This program has allowed us to make many more titles available to our campus at a very reasonable cost.

Trend Scholarly communication: Many university libraries have taken on the role of publisher. In a small way, we have too. New this year is the Lycoming College Repository, a digital project that includes honors papers, capstone course papers, and prize-winning student papers, only available to our College community. We hope to expand this to include faculty publications in the future.

Trend User behaviors and expectations: Convenience is at the top of the list for most library users, especially students. Finding sources is not a problem, but finding the right sources may be. Snowden Super Search is an EBSCO Discovery Service that provides an easy means of accessing all of our databases through a single search (well, almost all). This is a new and changing service, so the user needs to be alert to enhancements. Another very convenient source is Films on Demand, a state-of-the-art streaming video platform that makes it easy to incorporate educational programs into Moodle, use films as assignments, or show them in class. Copyright licensing is included in our subscription, and you can search by segment of the film.

Trend Staffing: Academic libraries must develop the staff needed to meet new challenges that require creative approaches. Please know that the Snowden Library staff is here to support your instruction, research, and collection needs. You can count on us - - we want to give outstanding service in 2012-2013.

Alison Gregory, Instructional Services Librarian and Coordinator of Information Literacy and Outreach 321-4087
Sue Beidler, Head of Collection Management 321-4084
Mary Broussard, Instructional Services Librarian and Coordinator of Reference and Assessment 321-4068
Alysha Russo, Library Technician and Circulation Supervisor  321-4053

Janet McNeil Hurlbert
Associate Dean and Director of Library Service
August, 2012

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