Styles By Discipline

Lycoming faculty were surveyed in the spring of 2015 to determine which styles are generally used in their academic disciplines. It is best to ask your professor which style he or she prefers, especially in your upper-level classes, but the following list will help you get started selecting a documentation format.

Academic DisciplineStyle
Anthropology Chicago (Author/Date)
Archaeology Johnson: SBL (Society of Biblical Literature)
Art  Any, be consistent
Astronomy and Physics AIP (American Institute of Physics)
Biology Ask your professor
Business Ask your professor
Chemistry ACS (American Chemical Society)
Computer Science ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
Corporate Communication APA (American Psychological Assosciation)
Criminal Justice APA (American Psychological Assosciation)
Economics Any, just be consistent
Education APA (American Psychological Assosciation)
English MLA (Modern Language Association)
History Turabian
Languages MLA (Modern Language Association)
Math Any, be consistent or APA
Music Turabian or MLA
Philosophy Ask your professor
Political Science Ask your professor
Psychology APA (American Psychological Assosciation)
Religion SBL (Society of Biblical Literature)
Sociology ASA (American Sociological Association)
Theatre MLA (Modern Language Association)