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Use a hanging indentation for the citation; use the full name of author unless only initials are given; capitalize all words in Title of Work, Title of Book, and Title of Periodical; for multiple authorship, only the first author's name is inverted; italicize Title of Book and Title of Periodical; put Title of Work in quotation marks.


Berlin, Gorden and Andrew Sum. 1988. Toward a More Perfect Union: Basic Skills, Poor Families, and Our Economic Future. New York: Ford Foundation.

Journal Articles

Goodman, Leo A. 1947. “The Analysis of Systems of Qualitative Variables When Some of the Variables Are Unobservable. Part I – A Modified Latent Structure Approach.” American Journal of Sociology 79:1179-259.

Chapters from Books

Clausen, John A. 1972. “The Life Course of Individuals.” Pp. 457-514 in Aging and Society, vol. 3, A Sociology of Age Stratification, edited by M. W. Riley, M. Johnson, and A. Foner. New York: Russell Sage.

Electronic Resources

American Sociological Association. 1997. “Call for Help: Social Science Knowledge on Race, Racism, and Race Relations” (ASA Action Alert, October 15). Washington, DC: American Sociological Association. Retrieved October 15, 1997 (

Full-Text Articles from Subscription Databases

Jacobson, John W., Jane A. Mulick, and Anne A. Schwartz. 1995. “A History of Facilitated Communication: Science, Pseudoscience, and Anti-Science.” American Psychologist 50:750-65. Retrieved January 25, 1996 (

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