Snowden Online

Snowden Library's online catalog is known as Snowden Online. It is used primarily to find information sources the library owns or subscribes to.

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Results display
Each record in Snowden Online has a set of subject headings, which are standardized terms used consistently to represent the content of a document. The advantage of searching by subject heading is that the results obtained are likely to be much more focused than those from a keyword search.

Begin by performing a keyword search. Browse relevant records from the results list to identify meaningful subject headings that can be used to retrieve other useful items.


You are interested in finding books about British plays.

  • Begin with a Subjects search for British Plays
    >>You obtain no results
  • Try an Any Fields search for "British plays"
    >>You obtain approximately 4 results; when browsing these, you notice the proper subject heading being used is "English drama".
  • Click on a relevant subject heading to display an alphabetical list of subject headings. Do another subject headings search, this time using the subject heading "English Drama".
    >>You obtain a much more organized listing of various subject headings that you can go through to identify meaningful records.