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Snowden Library's online catalog is known as Snowden Online. It is used primarily to find information sources the library owns or subscribes to.

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Performing a keyword search in Snowden Online is a good starting point for finding books on your topic in the library's collection.

When doing a keyword search, Snowden Online will look for the words across a variety of fields such as in the title, author, notes, and subject fields and retrieve all the records that match your search criteria.


You are interested in researching information about spy fiction. In order to locate books on this topic, start by using the keyword search option in Snowden Online.

Remember to use search operators appropriately to retrieve meaningful results. When concepts can be expressed in more than one way, your search statement may be a bit more complex.

Possible search statements for this topic include: "spy fiction" (yields very few results)
Spy and fiction (yields some results)
spy and (fiction or literature) (yields more results)
(spy* or espionage or spies) and (fiction or literature) (yields even more results)