Selecting sources

Understanding the basic characteristics of various types of sources can help you determine which ones to use when looking for specific information. For instance, you may need:


Your research question is: "Does education in correctional facilities play a role in reducing recidivism?"

You have already done research in encyclopedias, such as The Encyclopedia of Education, and you have identified books that relate to education in prisons and correctional facilities.

In order to get more current, research-focused information, you need to find scholarly articles.

Did you know that there is a Journal of Correctional Education available that has articles such as:

  • "Post-secondary correctional education and recidivism: a meta-analysis of research conducted 1990-1999"
  • "The effect of a GED on recidivism rates"
  • "The impact of prison education on community reintigration of inmates: the Texas case"