Lyco Map Game Directions

Each team will receive an avatar to represent their team.

Each team will need a smartphone or tablet that can take pictures and upload them via e-mail. It can also be done with a digital camera and laptop, but this is awkward to carry.

Teams may want to practice scanning QR codes and attaching photographs to e-mails before the game. This is a practice QR code that will send an e-mail to Mary Broussard (

QR code to e-mail Mary Broussard

Game Day:

  1. Teams must roam around campus to find posters at the main entrance to existing buildings, at the approximate location of former buildings, or at existing corner stones.
  2. Teams must use a smartphone or tablet to take a picture of their avatar in front of each building or poster to demonstrate they found the location.

  3. Use the QR code for each location to open an e-mail to the game’s Picasa account. Be sure to *correctly* enter the subject line contained in the poster and attach the photo.

  4. Send the e-mail. Pictures will appear in the Picasa account, and eventually on the map (the map is also linked to from the library home page).
  5. Scoring will be done manually according to the guidelines below. A leader board and results will be posted on the map page.


Existing Buildings: 6 points for first team to get picture for each location, 4 points for second team, 2 points for third team, and 1 point for each subsequent team
Former Buildings & Cornerstones: 15 points for first team, 10 points for second team, 5 points for third team, 1 point for each subsequent team
20 points to any team who finds a cornerstone not on our list, please e-mail to with label
Each team can only score once for each location