Moving Image Collection

1969 Graduation

Choir Tour 1957: Arrivals

Choir Tour 1957: Conversations

Choir Tour 1957: John Wesley home and rectory

Choir Tour 1957: Outdoor perfomance and meeting with Southport mayor

Choir Tour 1957: Singing on the street

Choir Tour 1957: Welcome to Scotland

Demolition of Old Main

View around the Quad

View from Rt.15 Overlook

Hilltop Gymnasium and Recitals


Chestnut Party and Groundbreaking for Long Library

Football and Field Trip

Baseball and Campus Views

Views of the Campus and Staff

May Day 1937

Clarke Chapel

Pine Street Methodist Church, football on the Old Athletic Field and a Freshman Activity

Swim Team and the Student Christian Association

Church, football and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall Dedication

Late 1940's Views of Campus Life

Academic Processions and Campus Views

Basketball Game, 1949 part 1

Basketball Game, 1949 part 2

Football 1950, part 1

Football 1950, part 2

Dedication of Long Library, part 1

Dedication of Long Library, part 2

Dedication of Long Library, part 3

Building Demolition, a Graduation Procession and Winter Views of Campus

Campus Views in the mid-1950's, a Choir Performance and Wesley Hall Construction.

Early 1960's Views of Campus