Lycoming Fund Case Statement

"Where does it go?"

Among the greatest needs the Lycoming Fund meets is need-based support. Lycoming provides tens of millions of dollars in financial aid each year, spending more than 40% of its annual operating budget to make sure students who are admitted can attend, regardless of their families' ability to pay.

It is truly the generosity of alumni through the Lycoming Fund that makes a Lycoming education possible. With a gift to the Lycoming Fund, you enrich the classroom, enhance the campus and enliven the community for Lycoming students today and tomorrow.

"Does my gift matter?"

Every gift to the Lycoming Fund counts because every gift impacts Lycoming students. All gifts, regardless of size, also have the power to leverage additional dollars because college-ranking and grant-making organizations weigh the percentage of the College’s alumni support heavily in their decision-making. How many alumni give,

rather than how much they give, is the measure commonly understood to reflect alumni satisfaction in their alma mater and, by extension, student satisfaction. A school with a strong number of alumni donors is typically ranked higher (see chart on the next page) and stands a better chance of being funded by the foundations and corporations that support higher education.

"If Lycoming weren't so expensive ..."

Is Lycoming expensive? Compared to Susquehanna at $45,500 or Juniata at $43,400, our annual price tag of $41,000 for tuition, room and board is reasonable. But $41,000 is a lot of money any way you look at it. Why does college cost so much? Higher education is a personnel-, infrastructure- and technology-intensive industry. Each of these areas is crucial to our educational mission, and each also calls for significant financial investment.

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Private schools such as Lycoming operate without the state subsidies of public institutions. And our small, residential, liberal arts and sciences model, believed by many to be the best way to educate undergraduates, requires even greater investment:

Highly-qualified faculty

Lycoming believes strongly in the value of having our students learn from the best professors. Counter to the current trend in higher education of relying more heavily on parttime, non-tenure and graduate student instructors, Lycoming provides its students the advantages of a faculty in which more than 85% of professors hold tenure or tenure-track positions and more than 90% hold the highest degree in their field.

Small size

Lycoming's size offers students individual attention in and beyond the classroom, along with rich opportunity for personal development in a supportive, residential setting. But our size and educational mission mean that we don't have larger universities' economies of scale and "money-maker" programs such as graduate and online study and Division I athletics.

Maintaining our campus

Remember how beautiful our campus looked the last time you were here? Maintenance of the campus— keeping buildings up-to-date and up-to-code, paying the electric bills, landscaping, painting, updating technology and well-used furnishings—is costly. An attractive and functional campus not only serves well the current students who call it home but also makes Lycoming competitive in bringing new students to campus each year.

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"How can we grow into our new rank?"

As one of the 19 Tier 1 National Liberal Arts Colleges in Pennsylvania, we have reason to be proud. And as our excellence is recognized more and more broadly, it’s a great time to show that pride in a measureable and meaningful way that makes a difference for current and future students. Increasing our alumni participation in the Lycoming Fund can be simpler than you might think. You will help us make strides by:

Giving loyally

If all of the alumni who gave to Lycoming once in the last five years were to give every year, our participation percentage would immediately jump to 30%.

Tapping the power of our young alumni

New graduates increase the number of Lycoming alumni by hundreds each year. By setting aside just the cost of a cocktail or dinner out for the Lycoming Fund, young alumni can make a substantial impact.

Remembering that all gifts matter

Gifts of any size show alumni appreciation for their alma mater and support current and future students in a significant way.