Faculty and Staff Calling Guide


The campus telephone system is owned by the College and operated at College expense for College business.  Office phones provide convenient access to any telephone in the campus system.  Because lines for all off-campus locations, whether local or long-distance, are rented, the College must pay for each second/minute these lines are used, whether calls are completed or not.  Although employees are not charged for a reasonable number of local calls, the cost for these calls is allocated by department and restrained use is encouraged.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Upgrade

In 2006, IT Services began the migration of the phone system from the traditional PBX to running the phone system over the campus computer network using Voice over IP (VOIP) technology.

All staff phones are now equipped with caller ID (showing off-campus and on-campus numbers), three way calling, and more extensive directory services. Conversion of the phone system was completed in 2010.

Additionally, some employees are set up with speaker phones, call pick-up groups and roll-over lines. Please contact the Telecom Office if you have questions on your phone’s capabilities. 

Equipment and Repair

Each full-time employee is set-up with one VoIP phone in their office and/or lab space. Part-time employees with private offices are also equipped with a private phone; however, part-time employees who share an office will normally share one extension. You may not remove the wall plate or change the room wiring in any manner in an attempt to “split” lines. IT Services is responsible for making sure that the line is active.

Analog phones will not work in College offices. The old telephone jacks on campus are no longer active on campus.

Answering machines are not necessary. Each full-time employee/each phone extension (for part-time employees) are provided with a voice mail box.

Any damage or issues with your VoIP phone or voice mail should be reported immediately to the Telecom Office at extension 4074. All efforts will be made to resolve phone problems within 1-2 business days.

Telephone Services

With your office phone, you have:

  • Free on-campus calling.
  • Direct inward dialing to your phone.
  • Your own private number and voice mail.
  • Immediate replacement of broken phones or phone accessories as part of your monthly equipment charge.

Dialing Instructions

From your office phone, you may place calls off-campus campus for work-related or personal reasons. To make personal calls, you must apply for a Telephone Access Code and all charges will be applied to your personal account.

For work-related calls:

  • On-Campus: Dial the 4 digit extension.
  • Calls within the 570 Area Code: Press 9 + 7-digit number.
  • Calls outside the 570 Area Code: Press 9 + 1 + Area Code + 7-digit number.
  • International Calls: Please contact the Office of Telecommunications for directions.

For personal calls:

*Remember, you must use a TAC number to make personal calls.*

  • On-Campus: Dial the 4-digit extension.
  • Calls within the 570 Area Code: Press # 9 9 + 7-digit number. You will hear “Beep Beep.” Enter your TAC number.
  • Calls outside the 570 Area Code: Press # 9 9 + 1 + Area Code + 7-digit number. You will hear “Beep Beep.” Enter your TAC number.
  • International Calls: Please contact the Office of Telecommunications for directions.

Note: Dialing instructions for the fax machines may differ. Please see the department secretary for directions when placing a fax.

Calling Rates

  • On Campus Calls: Free
  • Local Calls: $0.10 for the first 15 minutes; $0.10 for each additional 10 minutes
  • Long Distance Calls: $0.10 per minute from 8 am – 5 pm; $0.08 per minute other times
  • Toll Free Numbers: $0.10 to connect with unlimited talk time
  • International Calls: Rate varies per country

Phone & Voice Mail Guides

There are several different VoIP phone models on-campus. Please refer to the appropriate phone guide for your phone because different phones offer different features.

Note: SLC apartment phones require different dialing directions than SLC office phones. These are the same instructions as RA’s use. For directions, please see 7911 Model Phone – RA Guide.

Faculty & Staff Voice Mail

International Calling

International calling is restricted for employees due to the cost. If an international call needs to be made, the employee needs to contact the Office of Telecommunications at 321-4074 first and have permission from the department chair to have the restrictions lifted. Certain departments do not require special permission for international calls: Music, Modern Language Studies, Religion and Archaeology.

Cell Phones & Calling Cards

When traveling on college business, it is more economical to use the 800 number than a calling card.  An employee calling the college while on business should give the college operator his or her name and inform the operator that he or she is an employee of the college. The operator will connect such calls to the appropriate department.

Additionally, when traveling, it is preferred that employees use college-provided post-paid calling cards in lieu of purchasing prepaid calling cards or submitting reimbursement for cell phone expenses. The post-paid calling cards are cheaper than traditional calling cards, payphone calls, and hotel phone rates. All charges incurred will be billed back to the employee’s department.

Use of cellular phones for college business reimbursement requires approval of an Administrative Council member. Employees using cellular phones should refrain from using the cellular phone when driving and wait until the vehicle is stopped to avoid any dangerous situations.

Personal Telephone Bills

Faculty and staff will be billed monthly for their personal telephone use and will receive an email when their statement is available online for viewing HERE. The Telecom Office does not send out physical bills. This statement will provide you with an itemized list of your calls for the month and the total amount due.

Telephone Access Codes

TAC Number, or TAC #, means Telephone Access Code and is assigned by the Lycoming College Telecommunications Office.

Telephone Access Codes are used for off-campus and long distance telephone calling. Faculty and staff using this telephone service must pay the phone usage charged to their TAC #.

To register for a TAC #, please fill out the TAC Application Form or contact the Telecommunications Office at (570) 321-4074.

Credit Limits

The credit limit for your TAC number will be individually specified on a per month basis, as long as the staff member is in good credit standing with the college. When this amount has been accrued, the Telecommunications Office will notify you as a courtesy.

The default credit limit for your TAC number is $50.00. However, that may be lowered to $25.00 upon request.


Unless the Telecommunications Office has granted prior approval in writing, faculty and staff are not permitted to tamper or alter equipment or jacks in any way. A service charge for repair, reconnecting lines, testing and parts will be applied accordingly.

You are not permitted to charge calls to your college telephone number in any way.

Problem Calls

If you receive obscene, harassing or threatening calls:

  • Do not say anything. Calmly hang up. If you do not react to the calls, they will usually stop.
  • Do not talk about the call with people you know. Chances are, the caller is an acquaintance and may be encouraged by your anxiety.
  • After the call is received, please call the Office of Telecommunications at 570-321-4074 or the Safety and Security Office at (570) 321-4911 to report the calls.
  • In order to maintain a record of the calls, do not delete the call history on your phone or the voice mail messages (if they leave one).

Do Not Call Registry

If you receive unwanted telemarketing calls, you may add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. For more information, please visit Do Not Call Registry.

Revised 6/25/2010