Student Billing Information

Billing Information

Students will be billed monthly for the telephone service provided and will receive an email when their statement is available online for viewing. The Telecom Office does not send out physical bills. This statement will provide you with an itemized list of your calls for the month and the total amount due.

Monthly charges are posted to your student account by the Business Office. If you are set up on NelNet as an authorized user, you will receive an email notifying you of the charges. If you are not set up on NelNet, you will receive a bill in your campus mail box. Charges must be paid by the end of the month.

Failure to make timely payment will result in long distance dialing services being discontinued. Continued failure to make payment will result in a hold being placed on registration and/or transcripts in accordance with the Business Office procedures. Payment must be made in full prior to restoration of services.

Payment can be made by check through campus mail or in person at the Business Office, located in Long Hall, during normal business hours. Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Checks for payment are to be made payable to “Lycoming College.” Please do not send cash through the mail. The college cannot accept third party checks. Checks returned for insufficient funds will carry a penalty of $20.00.

Replacement Bills

The Telecom Office does not send out physical bills. View your current statement.

Billing Adjustments/Inquiries

If you have a question or problem with your bill, please bring it to the attention of the Telecommunications Office within 15 days after the statement is posted online. The Telecommunications Office reserves the right to refuse to make adjustments if problems are not brought to its attention within this period.

Semester-End Phone Bills

Fall Semester

  • At the end of the fall semester, your final phone bill will contain the call records for December 1st through the Friday of Finals Week.
  • An email will be sent out the following week notifying you that the statement is available to be viewed online.

Spring Semester

  • At the end of the spring semester, 2 sets of student phone bills will be processed.
  • In general, the first phone bill will contain the call records for April 1st through the Monday of Finals Week.
  • The second phone bill will contain the call records for Monday/Tuesday of Finals Week through the Sunday (the weekend of check-out).
  • An email will be sent out immediately following each of the billing runs.

Note to Seniors: Your TAC numbers will be deactivated after the second billing run is completed. If you will be remaining on-campus for the summer or an additional semester, you will need to contact the Telecommunications Office to have it reinstated.

Telephone Access Code (TAC)

TAC Number, or TAC #, means Telephone Access Code and is assigned by the Lycoming College Telecommunications Office.

Telephone Access Codes are used for off-campus and long distance telephone calling. Students using this telephone service must pay the phone usage charged to their TAC #.

To register for a TAC #, please fill out the TAC Application Form or contact the Telecommunications Office at 570-321-4074.

TAC numbers are issued at the Telecom Office on an individual basis and are treated as confidential information upon signing the application. Following the receipt of a TAC #, the student will be responsible for all charges incurred under that TAC #, whether or not the student incurs them. At no time should you inform or loan another person your TAC #. Do not leave your TAC # where anyone may obtain access. Your TAC # should be treated with the same high degree of confidentiality as your ATM card or credit card.

Once you receive a TAC#, you do not have to annually renew it. It will remain active until you graduate or leave the College.

If you TAC # is lost or stolen, or if you feel that someone is making calls with your number, you must notify the Telecommunications Office in order to cancel the old number and have a new number issued to you. Until the office has been notified, you are responsible for all calls charged to your TAC#.

Termination of a TAC Number

The college may discontinue the long distance dialing service at any time for violation of a regulation or provision within this guide. Students may terminate service at any time but remain responsible for calls placed under their TAC # prior to such discontinuance. Students desiring to terminate their TAC # may do so by contacting the Telecommunications Office at extension 4074.

Students moving off-campus or studying abroad are responsible for notifying the Telecommunications Office if they wish to "deactivate" their TAC number. Until such a time, the student will be responsible for charges incurred under his/her TAC #, whether or not the student incurs them.

Lycoming College is not liable for the loss of a Telephone Access Code or for subsequent calls fraudulently billed to a TAC Number.

Credit Limits

The credit limit for your TAC number will be individually specified on a per month basis, as long as the student is in good credit standing with the college. When this amount has been accrued, the college has the right to discontinue the long distance service until payment is made and any penalty charges.

Penalty charges are to be made in full. If full payment is not made within a specified time period, the long distance service may be terminated and not reinstated for the balance of the academic year.

The college will set a credit limit of $50.00 to help you manage your calling budget or the applicant may specify a lower limit by notifying the Telecommunications Office at extension 4074 in the Academic Center, SL1, Room A2. On the first working day after you have exceeded that limit, your TAC number will be deactivated. Your TAC # will automatically be reactivated at the beginning of a new billing period unless the Telecom Office is notified that the outstanding balance has been paid.

If you have exceeded your credit limit, you will be sent to the Business Office to pay the outstanding amount. You must bring the receipt to the Telecommunications Office as proof of the payment in order to have your TAC number reactivated during the current billing cycle.

Changes in your credit limit can only take place at the start of a billing period. You may lower or change your limit for the following month by calling the Telecom Office at extension 4074 or by emailing Angela Hakes at Your credit limit may not be lower than $25.00 and may not exceed $200.00.

A Credit Limit Report is generated daily and indicates who has reached their requested limit. The Credit Limit Report is used by the Telecom Office to monitor those who have TAC numbers and deactivate the ones that exceed their limit. Because the system does not automatically deactivate TAC numbers, it is possible to exceed your limit and still use your TAC number until the next business day. Please be advised that credit limit checks are monitored Monday through Friday year-long with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

If you exceed your credit limit during the month, the Telecommunications Office will automatically reactivate your TAC number without notifying you. It is your responsibility to pay the outstanding amount.

Revised 5/26/2010