Follow You/Wireless Printing Instructions for PC

1. Click the following link to download the installer for the IPP wireless print client:

2. When prompted, choose to run the installer.


3. When the “Lycoming Print” window appears, enter your Lycoming username and password in the appropriate fields.


4. Once the installer has finished loading, two print queues “Lyco BW” and “Lyco Color” will appear in the Devices and Printers list on your computer.

5. To print wirelessly choose either the “Lyco BW” or “Lyco Color” printer from the list and click print.


6. To retrieve your document, go to any of the multifunction printers (located in the AC computer labs, library, Pennington Lounge, and Jack’s Corner) and hold up your ID to the right side of the Equitrac device located next to the printer.

7. When presented with options, choose print and your document will be processed.