Student Copying


In order to use the scanning feature, your student ID must first be swiped by the card reader to the side of the Multi-Function Printer. Swipe your ID as you would to gain access to a campus building via the card readers.

When you swipe your ID, first your remaining balance will be displayed. Afterward, two options will be displayed: Print and Copy. Select Copy by pressing the button directly below the option on the display.

student copying

Now insert your document in either the document feeder (top of the printer) or onto the scanning bed.

Select the Copy via the touch-screen display of the printer (green icon). Select the options you would like for your copy and when finished, start the copy via the touch-screen display.

student copying

Depending on the amount of paper used for the job, your balance will be charged accordingly.


Load the item to be scanned into the scanning bed. Select the E-mail option on the printer via the touch-screen display.

Fill in the To: field on the following screen in order to direct the scanned image file to the desired recipient (must be a e-mail address).

student copying

Start the scan via the touch-screen display (green icon).

Select NO when prompted to add the recipient's address to the address book. Your scanned file should appear in your recipient’s mailbox within a few minutes of scanning the document.