Tips for Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrade

Default Line Spacing

Any individuals that changed their Default Line Spacing in Word 2007, may want to do the same in Word 2010. To do this go to: Home/Paragraph/Spacing Before & After & Line Spacing and changing to 0, 0, and Single, respectively. Click Set as Default towards the bottom left-hand corner. On the next screen, choose All documents... (see below). Click OK.

Line Spacing

Word, Excel, PowerPoint Desktop Icons

In addition to changing line spacing, the old Word, Excel and PowerPoint icons may still be on your desktop. The icons should be identified appropriately by version year (i.e., Microsoft Word 2007). To delete them, simply right click on each icon individually and choose Delete. Then click Yes on the next screen.

Icons for Microsoft Office 2010 programs will automatically appear on your desktop after the installation is complete.

File Menu

Lastly, the most significant change to Microsoft Office 2010 is the return of the File Menu although it has been slightly modified. Here is a quick glimpse.