AV Resources

Lycoming College Media Technology Office has various types of audio visual equipment available to faculty, students and staff for use in classrooms. Students may reserve equipment with faculty or staff authorization. Requests for equipment can be made by emailing hughesw@lycoming.edu or submitting a written request at the Media Technology Office located on the second floor of the Academic Center (D200a). Equipment requests must be made at least one week in advance. Special equipment requests should be given 2 weeks.

Data Projector (with laptop)

Our most common request is for a computer with projection. This setup permits users to display a computer screen on a large projection screen through the use of a data projector. Media laptops contain standard MS-Office software, Internet Explorer and Outlook. These setups are commonly used to display PowerPoint presentation or navigate websites during class.

TV with DVD/VHS and Blu-ray

This setup consists of a VHS/DVD combo unit and Blu-ray players, along with a 42" flat panel TV's on a cart. Units can play both standard VHS video tapes, as well as DVD video and Blu-ray discs.

Other Equipment

The Media Technology Office houses a full inventory of AV equipment to include:

  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • CD Players
  • Digital Cameras
  • Standard overhead projectors
  • 35mm slide projectors
  • Camcorders


The Media Technology Department also offers AV services such as:

  • dubbing of VHS and DVD (see copy right laws)
  • dubbing of cassette tapes (see copy right laws)
  • recording of campus events (see copy right laws)
  • multimedia equipment training and advising
  • cable tv support

Copyright laws will be strictly enforced before audio and/or video formats are recorded or duplicated. Documents or letters of permission are required for all requests that are not clearly acknowledged as "Fair Use" for education.

Please contact the Media Technology Office for equipment specs and questions. Also, check out our Media Enhanced Classrooms.