Residence Hall Computer Networking at Lycoming College (ResNet)

The residence hall computing network (ResNet) is managed by the Office of Information Technology. Prior to using ResNet, students must be signed up for a network account. The network account access is setup and tested during orientation when you attend your email session. When you arrive on campus any device that you attach to ResNet either wirelessly or wired must pass through our network security device, called Campus Manager. You will know that your device is being processed through Campus Manager at the point where you try to access a website and are redirected to a web screen prompting you for your network login and password. Then depending on the nature of the device and the at risk status of the device you may need to patch your operating system and/or antivirus to complete the process of gaining access to ResNet.


ITS provides wireless connectivity in all residence halls and on most of the campus.

Problems with ResNet

If you experience problems with your ResNet connection, call (570-321-4150)or go to one of the ITS Help Desk on campus. The first help desk is in the basement of the Academic Center and is located in the ITS office. The help desk in ITS is open Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm. We also have a help desk outside the elevator of the second floor of the Academic Center. This desk is open daily Monday thru Thursday 8am to midnight, Friday 8am till 8pm, Saturday 1pm till 5pm and Sundays 1pm till midnight.

Representatives will help you troubleshoot your Resnet problem either in real time or by taking your machine into a queue and making a best effort to return to you in 72 hours. The technician will only troubleshoot problems related to your network connection, remediation and jack. Problems with personal computers outside the scope of described cannot be dealt with by ITS.

To Get Connected:

  • Once you are on campus, plug your computer into the network or connect to the wireless network (LYCOWIRELESS).
  • Launch any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) and try to go to an off campus site (,, etc)
  • Wait for the agreement page to appear and walk you through the process of registering your device.
  • Enter your network user name and password.

Personal Hubs, Routers and Wireless Access Points

Personal hubs, routers, and wireless access points are not allowed in the residence halls as these devices can disrupt network connectivity for others


Gaming devices (like Playstation or Xbox) can be used on the network. If you have a single Ethernet port in your room, or would simply like to expand to connect multiple gaming systems to the wired network, we recommend using an 'Ethernet switch' which work for Ethernet ports like a power strip works for electricity. Contact the ITS help desk at 321-4150 for more information.