Create an Email Archive Through the Outlook Client

1. In Outlook, click the Home tab and Choose New Items->More Items->Outlook Data File

2. When the open dialog comes up, browse to F:\username\ (where username is your username) and create a folder named Archive. Then double-click on the Archive folder you created and type a file name in the File Name line (something like archive or your username) and the click the Ok button.

3. You should now see an additional item below your mailbox with the name you gave your archive (lease in the example below). To access your archive, simply expand the archive item found in the folder list, as shown in the picture below. To archive a message, simply drag a message from your Live mailbox and drop it into one of the folders within the Archive. To un-archive an item, simply drag it from the Archive and drop it into the appropriate folder in your Live mailbox.