How to Install/Update ClamXav on a Mac for Campus Manager

Installing ClamXav

  1. Click here to download the installer.
  2. At the window that comes up, drag the ClamXav icon to the right and drop it on the Applications folder.
  3. Next, open the Applications folder, find the ClamXav icon, and double click on it.
  4. The installer will open and prompt you to install ClamXav, click on the Install button.
  5. The installer will start, click on the Continue button twice, followed by the Agree button. When you are prompted to select a destination, select your hard drive (should be Macintosh HD), and click on the Continue button. Lastly, click on the Install button. At this point you will be asked for your account password, enter it and click OK. When ClamXav is done installing, an Install Succeeded message will appear, at this point you can click the Close button.

Configuring ClamXav

Once you have installed ClamXav, you will need to configure it to run when your computer starts and to search for updates.  To start, open the Applications folder and double click on the ClamXav icon.

Next, click on the Preferences button on the upper right corner.

On the General Tab, make sure that all the boxes are checked, as illustrated in the picture to the left.

Next, click on the Schedule Tab and under the section labeled Update Virus Definitions, choose Every Day from the drop down and set the time to 10:00 AM.When you are done, it should look like the image to the left.

Finally, click on the Sentry tab and click on the button with the + on it, and add your Downloads folder to the "Folders Being Watched" List.  Also click on the checkbox beside "Launch ClamXav Sentry when you log in to this computer" as illustrated in the picture to the left. 

You can now click the OK button at the bottom of the Preferences screen.  You will return to the main ClamXav window, there you can press the button that says Update Definitions.When it has completed, you should see a message in the status area that says Update Finished.  At this point you should reboot your computer.

Once you log back into the computer, you may be prompted for a username and password to allow ClamXav Sentry to run when you login to the computer.  Log in to this with your OS X profile username and password (the one you normally use to install programs on your Mac).

Once you have logged in to let ClamXav Sentry start, you should see a new icon in the area by the clock.  When you click on it, it should appear as it does in the image to the left.

At this point, you have successfully installed ClamXav.  To check for updates at any time, simply click on the ClamXav icon by the clock and choose Update Virus Definitions.

Updating ClamXav

Click on the ClamXav icon in the toolbar, and then click on Update Virus Definitions. You will then be notified when the updates have successfully been installed. At this point, you can rescan your machine.