New Email System for Lycoming College

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I still have access to my existing GroupWise emails and email archive?

Yes. All email messages, whether in your “live” mailbox or in your archive will be migrated from your GroupWise account to your Exchange/Outlook account.

Will I have to reenter any of my address book and calendar information, or will it automatically be available in the new system?

All calendar items (appointments, reminders, etc.) and address book entries will be migrated from your GroupWise account to your Exchange account.

Why are we changing to Outlook from GroupWise?

Two key issues are greater functionality and ease of use. In addition to the features that are native to Outlook, many more 3rd party products are available for and compatible with Outlook than GroupWise. Outlook is closely integrated with our recent upgrade to the Microsoft network operating system.

What are the advantages, and are there any disadvantages to this move?

Some specific advantages:

  • Better support for mobile devices
  • Local Macintosh as well as Windows client
  • Very tight integration with Microsoft Office

The primary disadvantages are those related to change in general. While many in our community are familiar with Outlook, there will be a learning curve for those that are not. Additionally, some settings in GroupWise (such as rules that automatically move specific types of messages to a designated folder, or granting another email account holder proxy access to your calendar or email account) cannot be imported from GroupWise into Exchange/Outlook. Exchange does support these functions, but the settings may need to be recreated in the new system. Training or assistance from ITS personnel will be available to ensure that you are able to recreate all of these settings.

Will I be able to access my email no matter where I am?

Yes. The Web Access client (OWA) in Exchange provides access to the system through a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer. While the GroupWise web access client is significantly different from the full GroupWise desktop client (both in appearance and functionality), the Exchange OWA is very similar in most all respects to the Outlook client.

I use an Apple computer at home. Will I be able to easily access Outlook from Apple devices?

Yes. In addition to using the Exchange Online Web Access client, Apple computers use a program called Outlook 2011 email client.

Will Exchange/Outlook sync with my smartphone?

Yes. In fact, many more manufacturers provide products and services that are compatible with Outlook, so there should be greater options available. Microsoft provides a program called Windows Mobile Device Center. Windows Mobile Device Center allows a mobile device to be synchronized with either a desktop PC, or a server running Microsoft Exchange Server.

What's the difference between Outlook and Exchange, and why do I sometimes hear them used interchangeably?

Microsoft Exchange is the email and calendaring system, and includes the components that send, receive and store email and calendar data. Microsoft Outlook is the email/calendaring client that is most often used on the computer to access the Exchange system. Exchange is also accessible through a web client (allowing access through a web browser such as Internet Explorer) that is very similar to Outlook in appearance and functionality.

Will there be any changes in terms of using email to communication with students?


Will we all migrate at the same time?

Yes. Mail through the Exchange web client will be made available to all users beginning at the same time that GroupWise is shutdown at noon on Wednesday May 11th. There will be no interruption in your ability to send and receive mail.

What will happen to any shared address books I have setup? What will happen to any shared folders I have?

These may need to be set up for sharing again in Exchange/Outlook

How and when will the transition occur? When will I switch from using GroupWise to using Outlook?

The plan for the migration will be as follows:

Important Note - There will be no interruption in your ability to send and receive mail.

Sometime before May 11th an update will take place on your computer removing Microsoft Office 2007 and installing Microsoft Office 2010 including the Outlook 2010 client.

Mail through the Exchange OWA web client will be made available to all users beginning at the same time that GroupWise is shutdown at noon on Wednesday May 11th.

Your existing GroupWise mailbox will be migrated to Exchange/Outlook during the May 11th through May 16th time period. During this time all items in your mailbox, archive and calendar dated May 11th or earlier will not be accessible. You will have access to all the pre May 11th items in your mailbox, archive and calendar again beginning May 16th through the Exchange/Outlook client.

What kind(s) of training will I need, and when will it be offered?

Multiple training options will be offered. These include:

Do I need to attend a training session? What if I am unexpectedly unavailable for the session when my account is migrated?

While Outlook is highly intuitive, it is strongly recommended that all users attend one of the overview and demonstration sessions. In addition all users will receive a Microsoft Outlook 2010 quick reference guide from ITS.

Where can I find additional information about our migration to Outlook?

The project plan for our email migration will be revised frequently, particularly during the early phases such as initial account review and individual user requirement discovery. This allows the plan to adapt to meet user requirements as they are documented throughout this process.

The project plan will be updated regularly on the ITS website. In addition to the updates on the website you will receive periodic emails from members of ITS and as always feel free to call #4150 with any questions.