Your Network Space

Faculty and staff start with 5 GB of network space for file storage; additional space can be requested through IT Services, as needed. It is strongly recommended that faculty and staff members save their work to the network, as files are backed up daily. Lost files that were saved on the network can often be restored from backups in the event of accidental deletion, unintended changes to a document, or hardware failure. Contact the IT Services Help Desk for assistance if you need help to recover a file or network folder.

Find Your Network Space on Lab Computers

To access your network space on College-owned computers, look for the F: drive. Double click on the F: drive, and you will see your network folder.

Find Your Network Space on Your Personal Computer

To set up your computer to access your network drive when you are on-campus, using Lycoming’s network, you can map the drive on your computer.

Use the LycoCloud

To access files when you are off-campus, use the LycoCloud. Open any web browser and direct it to and sign in with your Lycoming username and password. Click on Home Directory to see your network folder. To download a file, simply click on the file name. Please note - if you make changes and want to save them to the network, you will need to save a local copy and use the Upload button to browse to the file and upload it.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connection

Faculty and Staff can use AnyConnect to access a VPN (virtual private network) when they are off-campus. A VPN works by creating a connection from your computer to the College’s network that allows you to use your computer in much the same way as you would if you were sitting at your desk in your office. If you have a program installed on your computer that requires a license key from the College’s server (for example, SPSS or Mathematica), then using a VPN allows you to connect and work from locations off-campus.

Detailed instructions for using AnyConnect can be found by logging in to the LycoCloud at, and clicking on the AnyConnect icon on the left side of the page.