Every student receives a username and password to access myLyco prior to his/her New Student Orientation. The myLyco student portal page brings your Lycoming accounts together in one place, gives you access to forms for on-campus employment, and displays the latest news from around campus.

Visit the myLyco link found at the upper right-hand corner of every Lycoming web page, and sign in to access your email, WebAdvisor and Moodle courses on or off campus.

Having trouble signing in? Try these suggestions:

  • Check to be sure that both the username and password fields are clear before entering your information. Your computer may store credentials for you, and may be auto-filling these fields with an incorrect domain, username or password. If you are using Windows, try selecting the option to log in as a different user.
  • Are you entering the correct password?  Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.
  • If you are logging in from off-campus, be sure that you are typing your full email address. From off-campus, the username field should be filled in like this: 
  • Still having difficulty? Contact IT Services for further assistance.

You can also use this address to access the portal: