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Over the past year Moodle has become an invaluable online course management tool for Lycoming College faculty, staff and students. During the Spring 2007 Semester it was used as a supplement to 88 courses. In addition, 9 campus organizations used Moodle as a means to communicate.

See what one member of the college community has to say about Moodle:

Making interactive course web pages was never so easy. There's a bit of a learning curve, but with the growing number of faculty using Moodle and the support from ITS, you can get all of the help you need. We're using Moodle sites for more than our courses too. We have one for Linux users where you can find instructions on how to do things in Linux and a bulletin board where we can post questions, answers, discoveries, news items ... anything of interest to the group. Our student ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) has a web site too.

-Eileen Peluso, Computer Science Faculty Member

Three-Tiered Support Structure:

( 1 ) IT Services will be available for Moodle questions. Please contact any one of the following staff members: