Academic Computing

As part of the Microsoft License Agreement, Lycoming College employees have the legal right to obtain Microsoft software such as Office 2010 Pro and Microsoft Windows Upgrade on your home computers for work or school-related purposes. This is an additional benefit in which the license has been paid for by the college.

We have enlisted our Microsoft software vendor, JourneyEd, to administer the Microsoft work at home rights. The cost to obtain the software is $9.95 for the licensed download and $14.95 for the physical CD/DVD and can be ordered at

After you place the order online, you will be required to fax or e-mail a copy of your ID badge to JourneyEd. They will send you instructions for sending the verification by e-mail once you have placed the order through their site. Once you have submitted your ID, you will receive either a license code and a link (download) or a physical CD media set.

If you have any questions please call the IT help desk at #4150.

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Academic computing provides information for students, Faculty and Staff about using personal computers and the computers on the Lycoming College network.