Absence Policy

It is the policy of Student Health Services NOT to provide documentation to students for routine visits to the Health Center (i.e.: headaches, nausea, colds, sore throats, etc.). These ailments are highly subjective with no valid means for the staff to evaluate the student's ability to attend class, athletic practices or extracurricular activities. Students and instructors should address these issues together. Documentation will be provided to those students with serious illnesses which require hospitalization/prolonged bed rest, or to those students who have been referred to the hospital by the Health Center Staff for urgent/emergent condition(s).

Due to the highly individualized nature of many routine illnesses (colds, stomach flu, headaches, etc.) the Health Center does not provide class excuses. Health Services can, however, provide documentation for objective findings (elevated temperature, positive strep test, etc.) to faculty with the student’s permission.