EndowmentThe endowment is the financial foundation upon which Lycoming College's future lies and is a true indicator of its strength. Through investment earnings and charitable donations, Lycoming seeks to grow its endowment to financially support all aspects of the campus.

Gifts to the endowment are keys to expanding opportunities for all of Lycoming's students and faculty members. When endowment gifts are received, the principal is held in perpetuity, with part of the annual earnings generating ongoing support for activities designated by the donor. Endowments can be established through gifts of cash, stock or real estate, or planned gifts such as charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance or bequests.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and strong fiscal leadership, the endowment has increased from less than $20 million in 1990 to more than $180 million today. Lycoming's board of trustees sets the investment and spending policies of the endowment fund.

For more information, contact:
Lycoming College
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Impact of the Endowment

Income from the endowment enhances the experience for all those who live, learn and teach at Lycoming College. Endowed funds support academic programs, scholarships, faculty development and other areas as designated by the donors.

  • Academic Programs - A student's educational experience is often shaped by a specific academic program. A designated endowment can provide the funds necessary to continue an important program, make a great program extraordinary or create a new program that will make a significant impact on campus. Opportunities also exist to support the Snowden Library and important programs such as the Institute for Management Studies, Clean Water Institute and a growing number of travel abroad programs.
  • Access - Lycoming's capacity to enroll and retain a high-achieving and diverse student body directly correlates with the strength of its endowment. Gifts to create endowed scholarships enable promising students from all economic backgrounds to receive a first-rate education. Lycoming awards $25 million annually in need- and merit-based aid.
  • Co-curricular activities - An important aspect of a liberal arts education is the opportunity for students to engage in a wide-range of activities that enhance and complement their academic endeavors. Programs such as Lycoming Scholars, leadership development, study abroad, tour choir and athletics provide students with experiences that build character and inspire possibilities for a fulfilling career and life.  
  • Faculty development - To remain competitive, Lycoming must provide opportunities for faculty members to grow as teachers, scholars and mentors. Endowed chairs and professorships are the most important vehicle for recruiting and retaining talented faculty. These endowments create funds used for research, innovative teaching, salary support, professional development and participation in the broader academic community.
  • Physical Plant - Lycoming is committed to offering the very best facilities for living, learning and teaching. Support of building projects and other important physical plant initiatives ensures that Lycoming is able to offer an attractive and well-maintained campus and continue to grow as one of the best liberal arts and sciences institutions in the country. 

For more information about supporting the endowment at Lycoming College, please contact the Office of Development at (570) 321-4036.

Trustee Scholarship Match

Underscoring the importance of access to a first-rate education, the Lycoming College Board of Trustees has established the Trustee Scholarship Match Program. The trustees have committed $500,000 in matching funds to encourage alumni and friends to establish or enhance scholarship funds. Through this program, the college furthers its commitment to making a high-quality education possible for bright, motivated students regardless of financial need.

For every $20,000 committed to an existing endowed scholarship, the trustees will match $5,000 to the donor’s scholarship, for a total gift of $25,000. Each new endowed scholarship begins at $50,000. The Trustee Scholarship Match will enable new scholarships to be established with a $40,000 commitment; the match will provide an additional $10,000, for a total of $50,000.

With more than 95 percent of Lycoming students qualifying for financial aid, scholarship support is more important now than ever before. At the same time scholarships are opening new doors in the lives of Lycoming students, they can also recognize someone important in your life. Newly established scholarships can be named in honor or memory of a person or persons of your choice.

For more information about the Trustee Scholarship Match Program, please contact the Office of Development at (570) 321-4036.