Where to Give

Students walking Since Lycoming College's founding in 1812, our donors have played a critical role in our success. Every gift, large or small, sends a message that you believe in the college and our students. Whether you are supporting the day-to-day life of our students and faculty or long-term plans to keep the college viable and competitive, your gifts are used carefully and invested wisely.

Lycoming Fund

Your generosity ensures Lycoming remains accessible and affordable to all its students. Your gift to the Lycoming Fund can be directed to the areas and interests that mean the most to you while undesignated gifts will be used where the need is greatest. Unrestricted funds give Lycoming the flexibility to undertake critical new initiatives such as developing the neuroscience minor and an engineering program partnership.

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Make a gift now to the Lycoming Fund.


Giving to Lycoming College is a great way to impact the quality of education for which the college has long been recognized. A healthy endowment positively impacts our ability to recruit the most qualified students and faculty, and maintain our historic campus. By supporting the endowment, you give a gift that keeps on giving and strengthen the foundation on which Lycoming will build its future success.

For more information about supporting Lycoming's endowment, please contact the Office of Development at (570) 321-4036.

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Capital Projects

Lycoming College must continue to ensure that the entire campus community has the spaces and resources it needs to remain competitive. We are committed to preserving our historic buildings while also focusing on constructing new facilities to meet the demands of the living and learning environments of today's students. Endeavors such as renovating our residence halls and constructing a new science building are at the forefront of enhancing our physical plant.

For more information about supporting Lycoming's capital projects, please contact the Office of Development at (570) 321-4036.