Anne Marie DiSante '06

Why I Give

Anne Marie DiSante '06The Lycoming College community has helped Anne Marie DiSante '06 in several ways. While she was a student, the chemistry department challenged her to work hard and achieve her goals not only in the classroom, but in life as well. Then, after graduation, the connections DiSante made at the college served to kick-start her job search.

"My contacts with Lycoming alumni helped me get my first job out of school," she said. "I wouldn't have the career I do today without Lycoming."

DiSante is an analytical chemist in drug product research and development at Merck & Co., Inc., and also serves on the Lycoming College Alumni Association Executive Board. She continues to support the college because she knows the value of monetary assistance from the other side of the coin. Without financial aid, she wouldn't have been able to become a Lycoming student in the first place, and she hopes to help current students in a similar position.

"I want to help, even in a small way, other students who need help, so they can attend Lycoming and have the experiences I had," she said.

While DiSante enjoys assisting the college in any way she can, she also appreciates the fact that Lycoming allows donors to make contributions to specific departments or programs.

"I like having that option, because it gives donors the opportunity to allocate funds to an area that was special to them," she said.

DiSante loves how tight-knit the campus community is and also appreciates the opportunities that a Lycoming education provides.

"You can be anyone you want to be and get involved with anything you want to be involved in," she said. "You can take classes in any discipline and still graduate in four years, you can build houses across the country, you can travel the world with sports teams, participate in community service projects or even study abroad. Anything you want to do is a possibility at Lycoming."