Placement Exams

Placement Exams

All new students are required to complete placement assessments in two areas, modern language and mathematics, unless those requirements have already been completed at another institution.


The college uses the results of an online exam, in combination with the language survey information you supply, to determine an appropriate level course in French, German, Latin, or Spanish. As per the distribution program for the B.A. and B.S. degrees, all students are required to pass a course in French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin or Spanish 102 or above. It is critical, therefore, that you complete the online language survey and placement exam before the deadline for your orientation session. Failure to complete this exam before your deadline will create scheduling difficulties for your first year. The link to this exam will be available when you sign in to complete your registration for Orientation. It is assumed that students who select Hebrew or Greek will be starting in the first level; therefore, no placement exam is required for these languages. However, students should complete placement testing for any language for which they have received academic credit at the high school or college level.


Every student will take a Basic Algebra exam during Orientation and some students (depending on their major) will also take a Functions and Graphs exam for placement into the Calculus sequence of courses. The Basic Algebra exam covers the following topics: decimals, fractions, the real number line, factoring, inequalities, solutions to linear equations, graphs of linear and quadratic equations and expressions with rational exponents. This test determines if the College’s competency requirements in basic algebra have been met. Any student who is considering a major in astronomy, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or physics must also take the Functions and Graphs exam. Topics covered include: polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions and their graphs and elementary properties.


  1. Students must know their social security number for the placement tests.
  2. Calculators are NOT permitted for either exam.
  3. Sample questions are available for your review to help prepare for these exams.