Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orientation mandatory for all new students?

Yes! We want all new students to have the best start possible in the fall and our June Orientation sessions are designed to address all your questions about this important transition.

Why must I rank my choices for an Orientation session?

We want to give each of our new students the attention they deserve so we try to balance the number of families that attend each session. Register early and complete all related tasks immediately to improve your chance of getting your first choice of session.

When do we pay the Freshman Fee?

The freshman fee is included in the fall tuition bill and is not payable at this time.

Must all students stay on campus for Orientation?

All new first year students must spend the night in Skeath Hall; upperclass transfer students may also stay in Skeath Hall but should call the office of the Dean of First Year Students to advise us of their plans.

Can parents stay on campus during the June Orientation?

As space allows parents will be assigned to an upperclass apartment and each parent who stays on campus will be charged a $50 fee for housing.

Are there other housing options available for parents?

Yes. A complete list of local hotels is available here.

Can siblings also attend the June Orientation?

We do NOT offer an alternate program for siblings at this time nor do we have child care options available. We are, therefore, unable to accommodate siblings during Orientation. A more appropriate time for siblings to visit would be during Family Weekend in the fall or Little Sibs Weekend in the spring.

What should I do if I experience difficulty signing in or accessing areas of the Orientation website?

If you do not have access to the Internet or you do not use Internet Explorer, access is available from your high school Guidance Office or your local library. If you continue to experience difficulty, please call the Office of the Dean of First Year Students (570) 321-4358.

When do I register for classes?

In June you will register for classes with your advisor on the second day of your Orientation session.

How do I select my classes for the fall?

You will attend several workshops with your faculty advisor and your Student Orientation Leader (SOS) during your June Orientation visit. These workshops will help you understand our curriculum requirements and the registration process. Read more about the SOS staff.

Why should I come to Orientation?

Top 10 Reasons for attending June Orientation:

  • Find out how to pick a roommate!
  • Find out more about your major!
  • Meet your advisor!
  • Pick your fall schedule of classes!
  • Activate your Lycoming Email account!
  • Learn how WebAdvisor will work for you!
  • Discover the social scene at Lycoming College!
  • Check out the food!
  • Meet your classmates!
  • Spend a night in the freshman residence halls!

I have another question that I do not see addressed above.

We would be happy to address your questions! Just email us at or call (570) 321-4358 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.