Greetings Class of 2019 & Transfer Students!

The Lycoming College community looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a successful first year. This website contains useful information about our Orientation program.

Registration for Summer Orientation begins in April 2015.  If you are ready to complete the registration process, please make sure you have at least one hour AND you have the letter sent by the Dean of First-Year Students, which includes your login name, password and instructions to access the myLyco student portal. You may begin this process by clicking on the myLyco link at the top of this page.  

Task #1 - Register For Your June Orientation Session

  • Notify us of any special needs

Task #2 - Share Your Academic Plans With Your Advisor

  • Share your career plans
  • Select your choices for completing distribution requirements
  • Notify us of your interest in joining a varsity sport or the college band or choir

Task #3 - Complete The Language Survey And Exam

  • Describe your experiences in previous language classes
  • Complete an online exam to determine the best level of study for you

Task #4 - Health Form To Your Physician For Completion

  • Complete the top portion of this form
  • Schedule your college physical
  • Mail this form back to us after your physical by July 1, 2015.

Task #5 - Complete The Housing Agreement

  • Describe your lifestyle choices
  • Notify us of any special housing needs

Task #6 - Optional Essay to Enroll in Honors Composition

  • Complete this essay only if you plan to enroll in Honors Composition
  • Honors Composition is only available in the Fall Semester, and only to students who have submitted the required essay prior to May 21, 2015.

Task #7 - Voluntary Disclosure Form For Students With Disabilities

  • Complete this form if you would like the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities to contact you

For your records, make sure to print copies of your registration, advising information, language placement results, health records and housing license. More complete directions for each task will be available as you complete these tasks but if you have questions, please call (570) 321-4358 or email orientation@lycoming.edu.