Course Registration

Freshman Course Registration

Students will be assigned an academic advisor prior to arrival for Orientation. Every effort will be made to match advisors and students based on the intended major of the student, if that information is available. During June registration, the students will meet with their advisors for two workshops in which the curriculum requirements and registration process are explained in a small group setting. Each student will also have two private sessions with the advisor. Parents will also have the opportunity to meet the academic advisor during Orientation.

Advanced Placement

If students have already earned credit for, or are in the process of earning credit for certain college level courses through Advanced Placement, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or enrollment at another institution, they should inform the Admissions Office and their Academic Advisor prior to registration for fall classes.

Registration For Fall Classes

In June students will register for fall classes on the second day of registration after several meetings with their advisor. We are unable to accept requests for early appointment times or provide this information before check-in. It is, therefore, important that the student and parents not plan their departure before 2:00 p.m. on the second day of Orientation. It is also important to note that no student will leave the College without a full schedule of classes in place for the fall!

Options For Completing Math 100