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Disbursement of Aid

One-half of each scholarship, grant and loan

will be credited to your account each semester. The

Financial Aid Office will credit your account no

earlier than the end of the add/drop period, or once

your financial aid file is complete.

If your Stafford Loan is approved for a full

academic year, your loan funds will be disbursed

in two equal disbursements—one-half will be

disbursed in the fall semester, and the second half

will be disbursed in the spring semester. Typically,

disbursements will be made within four (4) weeks

after the start of each semester, but no earlier than the

end of the drop/add period. Disbursements will not

occur unless your file is complete.

All new Stafford and Perkins loan borrowers must

complete a loan entrance counseling interview. The

loan counseling session will inform you of your rights

and responsibilities as a Federal Stafford Loan or

Perkins Loan borrower. The loan entrance counseling

interview must be completed prior to your loans

being credited to your student account.

Bill Payment

Students are billed for each semester. Your Fall

bill will be uploaded and available to view online in

early July. Lycoming College does not mail paper

statements. For more information regarding billing

statements and due dates, visit the Business Office

website. When returning your payment to the College,

you may indicate any aid which is pending, including

Federal Stafford loans, PLUS loans and private

scholarships that have not yet been deducted from

your charges.

Fall semester bills are due August 5, 2016.

Spring semester bills are due December 16, 2016.