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Cost of Attendance

Two basic pieces of information are provided on

your financial aid award letter: Lycoming’s tuition

& fees, and room & board costs (if dorm student), as

well as our offer of financial assistance to help meet

those costs.

In addition to tuition and fees,

and room and

board for dormitory students,

other items are used to

estimate a student’s total cost to attend

Lycoming College for the 2016-17 year:

our application for financial aid has been

carefully reviewed. Based on the information

submitted and in conjunction with College,

state and federal guidelines, the Financial Aid Office

has prepared your 2016-17 financial aid package.

Please carefully review the Guide to Your

Financial Aid. It will provide you with a detailed

explanation of your financial aid award letter. If you

have any questions after reviewing this guide, do

not hesitate to call (570) 321-4040 to speak with a

member of the Financial Aid Office.

The Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting

you throughout the financial aid process.

Books and supplies (estimate) $1,000

Transportation (estimate)


Personal expenses (estimate) $1,000

*Health Insurance (estimate) $1,532


may be waived with proof of coverage

The health insurance cost above reflects the

2015-16 year amount. The 2016-17 cost may be

different. If the student is covered by parental health

insurance, or their own, this fee is waived with proof

of coverage.

Books and supplies, personal expenses and

transportation costs will not appear on the college

bill, but these estimates should provide a reasonable

expectation of your out-of-pocket expenses. Actual

amounts will depend on the courses you take, your

personal spending habits, and the distance between

Lycoming and your home.