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Financial Aid Renewal Process

Application Deadline: May 1

All forms of need-based financial aid must be

reapplied for annually. Renewal of awards will be

based on the timely completion of all required

documents and continued eligibility.

To be considered for assistance for the 2016-17

academic year, all recipients of need-based aid must

reapply. Any student receiving need-based federal,

state or Lycoming College funds must file the Free

Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at .

Alternative Financing Options


(for parents only)

The federal direct PLUS Loan is a governent

sponsored loan that may be available to parents of

dependent students. For the PLUS interest rate go to


Credit-worthy parents may borrow up to the cost of at-

tendance for which the student is eligible. Parents can

apply for this loan at


It is your responsibility to provide additional

documentation, tax transcripts, W-2’s and any

additional information requested by the Financial

Aid Office.

It is your responsibility to read, understand and

be accountable for all forms and agreements you

sign. We recommend that you keep copies for your


A complete list of a student’s rights and

responsibilities can be found online at