LEARN LogoFind LEARN on FacebookLEARN is the Local Education and Resource Network with a team of volunteers who have been active in Lycoming County since 2001. The main beneficiaries of this program are families with children age birth to 6 years.

The mission of LEARN is to empower families by providing them with resources within the community that focus on early learning with an ultimate goal of helping to ensure that each child in Lycoming County transitions smoothly into kindergarten fully ready to begin his/her academic career!

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LEARN reaches out to parents and childcare providers, as well as, school districts in order to provide all of the valuable resources available to help children, birth to kindergarten, reach their full potential. LEARN achieves this through a number of authenticated and successful outreach projects such as the distribution of books via the PA One Book, One Child Program, as well as, the Pencil Box Project!

Together, through shared interests in the importance of early childhood education, we can work cooperatively to fund future LEARN activities to help the children of Lycoming County get off to a great start!

To find out more LEARN or how to make an investment in the children or Lycoming County, please email Beth McClain, LEARN Coordinator, at mcclainb@lycoming.edu.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Lycoming College for the LEARN program, please visit lycoming.thankyou4caring.org/LF. Choose “Other” from the drop-down Designation menu, then type “LEARN” in the field.

Recent Outreach Efforts

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Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

More than 30 people were in attendance at the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Saturday, Dec. 6 in the Jane Schultz Room on campus at Lycoming College. The event was hosted by LEARN of Lycoming County.

The purpose for hosting the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon was to extend gratitude to the preschool and kindergarten teachers in the county who are charged with planting the seeds for eagerness and a willingness to learn in our youngest learners and begin what we hope to be a successful academic career!

Guest speakers during the event included Dr. Amy Rogers, professor at Lycoming College, Dr. Rachael Hungerford, retired professor from Lycoming College and Donna Miller, community volunteer and LEARN Team member.

Teachers in attendance were thanked for their commitment to our children and encouraged to keep up the good work. Each teacher enjoyed a catered meal as well as thank you gifts and door prizes donated by clubs, businesses and individuals throughout the community. View sponsors and donors.

More information on how to become involved with LEARN as a team member or community partner, please email Beth McClain, LEARN Coordinator, at mcclainb@lycoming.edu.

A to Z Play-Doh Kits

A to Z Play-Doh Kits

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, LEARN OF LYCOMING COUNTY, a program of Lycoming College, created "A to Z Play-Doh Kits" that were delivered to every Kindergarten classroom in Lycoming County. The early learning outreach project was made possible by the generosity of the St. Luke Lutheran Church and the Williamsport Kiwanis Club. Each classroom received a 20-pack of Play-Doh along with a binder containing removable ABC mats in page protectors. The idea was to allow children to use the Play-Doh to replicate letters of the alphabet to enhance fine motor skills as well as early letter/sound recognition, all of which will help to encourage early literacy skills. It is also LEARN's hope that by providing the materials for this activity, it helped to alleviate the expense a teacher might have incurred having to buy these items on their own. Pictured receiving the kits are Jennifer Marriott and Justin Wall, kindergarten teachers at Salladasburg Elementary, pictured with LEARN Coordinator, Beth McClain.