Childcare and Youth Projects

Learning Center

is looking for tutors to work with adults or early childhood. Times are flexible around students' schedules. Contact Rose Fry at (570) 321-0200 for more info.

Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA

Attention college students! Did you know you were the most requested people to serve as Girl Scout troop leaders? In a recent study, girls overwhelmingly stated they relate best to young women. Troop leaders are needed now for all age levels. Please volunteer! Sign up with a friend of a lead Girl Scout troop and learn and grow outside of the classroom. Troop leaders develop valuable communication and marketing skills. Long-term and short-term opportunities are always available. No previous experience is required.  Training is provided.

Call Mary Roberge at (570) 368-1705

Rivervalley Regional YMCA

Children's discovery Workshop

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Weekend birthday parties
  • Help with painting exhibits
  • Displaying art work
  • Weekend interaction with family
  • Visiting, serve as a playmate for children

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-5 P.M.

Contact Troy Weaver (Brand Executive) at (570) 322-KIDS. Email:

Hope Early Learning Program

October: Pumpkin Patch Field Trip-Halloween Party

Novemeber: Thanksgiving Feast

December: Holiday Party

Contact Barbara Pish at (570) 321-4004 or