Fair Value

How Warrior Coffee promotes higher standards of living

Warrior One is a USDA certified organic coffee. No pesticides or herbicides are used in its cultivation, and the Las Lajas farmers are paid above fair trade price for their coffee, as ensured through the C2C program, which means that they are paid a living wage for their product. It ensures also that the farms have the means to maintain their land properly and implement necessary upgrades.

But many coffee farmers—even those who grow a superior product—lack the access to markets and the needed financial instruments to get their products to consumers. Some growers also face manipulation from unscrupulous brokers. The C2C program, beyond certifying wages paid, helps producers navigate sometimes adverse business currents and create long-term relationships with partners so farmers receive proper compensation for their crop and their labor.

When you purchase a cup or bag of Warrior Coffee, you help make a sustainable life possible for the people of Las Lajas who grow the coffee for you. You also support the village of El Naranjito in its quest to create its own viable products to raise the standards of living in the village.

Put your consumer dollar to work, while enjoying a truly fine coffee.