Virtuous circle of benefits

Warrior Coffee is more than just a coffee. It's a commitment and business arrangement between multiple partners that promises benefits for all those involved.

It began with a desire to explore the environmental and economic impacts of global trade.

Coffee provided a perfect vehicle and Cultivation to Cup was born. Originally the brainchild of Steven Madigosky of Widener University and John Sacharok of Golden Valley Farms, a local coffee importer and roaster, the program combines service learning with sustainably produced coffee.

Lycoming's Warrior Coffee goes a step further, engaging with a village in the Dominican Republic in dire need of economic development.

Here's how it works:

  • Lycoming College obtains top flight coffee from the Las Lajas cooperative in Costa Rica. Warrior One is certified organic coffee.
  • Las Lajas gets a dependable revenue stream, technical assistance from Lycoming, and a good price for its product, so it can maintain its high quality, environmentally friendly coffee and pay fair wages.
  • Lycoming sells the coffee through Café 1812, the campus store, via its catering services and through mail order.
  • The profits of these sales help pay for service learning trips for Lycoming students to study and work at Las Lajas.
  • Profits also help cover the costs of service learning trips to El Naranjito, in the Dominican Republic, as well as funding infrastructure improvements for the village.
  • Lycoming students and faculty who share an interest in international trade, globalization, politics, economics, marketing or other disciplines can participate directly on service learning trips.

"I am striving to nurture an environment on campus where people can come forward with these creative ideas and make something concrete," said Lycoming President Kent Trachte. "This is an example of the power of having a culture where you turn an idea into reality by putting together a partnership, securing support and funding, and promoting student learning to do some good in the world."