Kevin Milliken and Doug Hartzel with a poster
advertising the choir's performance in Prague.

The following are links relating to the Lycoming College Choir.

Lycoming College Choir Alumni Website:
The website features a database of choir alumni, photos of many years of choir activities and tours, stories written by alumni, MP3s from Lyco Choir CDs, and more.

For a timeline of the choir's history, see:

Friendship Choirs:

Note: Links frequently become outdated and sites may be
presented in foreign languages.

Youth Choir Gropies Berlin
Choir in Berlin, Germany, that has hosted Lycoming Tour Choir during European Tours. Lyco returned the favor when the Gropies visited the U.S. in 2000. Click on the "Press Reviews" section to read a Lycourier article that recaps the Berlin Choir's concert at Lycoming College.

Szczecin Polytechnic University Choir
Home of conductor Jan Szyrocki, who once was a "conductor-in-residence" at Lycoming, this Polish choir has also hosted the choir in Europe frequently.

VUS – University Choir of Pardubice
VUS Pardubice is a Czech choir that has shown Lyco enormous hospitality throughout the Czech Republic on numerous tours. Site used to be in English; now only in Czech, but featuring MP3s and photos.

Wagenfeld, Germany 
An incredibly musical town that has hosted Lycoming Choir regularly. Site is in German.

Seligenstadt Choir
Site for the choir of Seligenstadt, Germany, which hosted the choir during its 1994 and 1997 tours. Site is in German.

Gliwice Choir
The website for the university choir of Gliwice, Poland, which hosted the tour choir in 1997. Site is in Polish.