CHEMISTRY COLLOQUIUM SERIES, SPRING 2007                    




January 26

Dan DiRocco

A Palladium Catalyzed Coupling of Amino-Amides: Facile Entry into Peptide-  Tetrahydroanthranilic Acid Derivatives

February 2

Dr. Charles Mahler

Synthetic Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Research

February 9

Dr. Holly Bendorf


Chelation-Assisted Intramolecular Hydroacylation:  Synthesis of Medium Rings


February 16

Dr. Chriss McDonald

The Synthesis of Amidoglycosides:  Application to the Syntheses of FGAR and RNA Nucleotides

February 21 (Wednesday)

Dr. Jeremy Ramsey

The Corrosion Inhibition Mechanism of Chromium(VI) Oxides

March 16

Dr. Amanda Haes

The University of Iowa

Nanoscale Building Blocks for Biosensor Development

April 4 (Wednesday)

Lycoming Faculty

Our Favorite Chemical Demonstrations

April 11

Dan DiRocco (Chemistry 490) Synthesis of Biologically Active Benzothiepinones

April 13

Dr. Chris Tipple

Defense Intelligence Agency

Chemistry in the Government

April 20

Jamie Tribo (Chemistry 449)

Preparation of Enzyme Modified Carbon Electrodes via Diazonium Derivatization

All colloquia will be in G-09 with refreshments at 3:00 and the talk beginning at 3:15 PM.

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