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The definitive source of course information remains the original (paper) syllabus distributed in class.





Instructor:  Dr. Holly D. Bendorf                                                                                  Phone:  x4365, 998-8647   

Office:  209 HBC                                                                                                             e-mail:  bendorf@lycoming.edu


Course Schedule:                Lecture:         MWF  11:30 - 12:20 pm

                                                Lab:               TH  1:00 - 4:50 pm


Office Hours:  By appointment or walk-in.


Course Description:  CHEM 446, Organometallic Chemistry, explores the chemistry of compounds containing metal-carbon bonds.  This course will cover the structure and bonding of organometallic compounds, reactions and reaction mechanisms, spectroscopy, and the use of organometallics in industrial processes and organic synthesis.


Text and Materials:

• "Organometallic Chemistry" by Gary Spessard and Gary Miessler, Prentice-Hall, 1997.

• Bound laboratory notebook (Freeman).

• Safety glasses or goggles.


Grading Criteria:                              Quizzes and Assignments                  100 points             17%          

                                                                Exams                                                   200 points             33%

                                                                Laboratory                                           150 points             25%

                                                                Final Exam                                           150 points             25%       

                                                                                                                                600 points


Exams:  There will be two exams administered during the lab period on the following dates:  Thursday, February 17 and Thursday, April 7.  The final exam will be administered on the day and time assigned by the registrar. 


Assignments:  A portion of your grade will be based on in-class and take-home assignments.  Be aware that in accordance with the College's policy on academic honesty, any work you turn in must be your own.  Any instances of plagiarism (including copying homework answers from a classmate) will be penalized severely.  All take-home assignments are due at the beginning of the class period.  Late homework will not be accepted.  


Reading Assignments:  Readings from the text and chemical literature will be assigned on a regular basis.  You should complete these assignments in a timely manner as they will form the basis of our in-class discussions.  Please be aware that 10 points of the quiz and assignment grade is based on participation in class discussions.  


Extra Credit:  Extra credit points can be earned by attending departmental colloquia (3 points per colloquium).  Extra credit is capped at 15 points.


Attendance:  Regular attendance at lecture and laboratory sections is required and expected.  Missing more than three lectures for any reason will result in a 3-point deduction per absence.  Attendance at quizzes, exams and laboratory meetings is mandatory.  Make-ups are not permitted unless the absence has prior approval by me (usually a case of medical or family emergency which can be documented).  Quizzes cannot be made-up.  Labs may be made-up at the instructor’s discretion. 


Laboratory:   It is imperative that you come to the lab fully prepared.  Careful planning and preparation before you arrive at the lab will allow you to complete your experiments in an efficient and safe manner.  It is your responsibility to read and understand the lab procedure before you arrive at prelab.  Missing or arriving late to prelab will result in a reduced lab grade (up to 5 points per violation) and/or dismissal from the lab.  The laboratory grade is worth a total of 150 points and is comprised of five lab write-ups, the ferrocene prelab assignment and a lab technique evaluation (15 points).  The lab technique grade is assigned based on the following criteria:  preparation for lab, safety in the laboratory, ability to work efficiently in the laboratory, ability to successfully complete experiments, and laboratory hygiene.


Lab Schedule




Assignments/Reports Due:




Jan. 13






Jan. 20

Synthesis of Metal Nitrosyls, IR

Preparation for Ferrocene Lab (10 pts)




Jan. 27

Synthesis of Ferrocene

Nitrosyl (R&D, 15 pts)




Feb. 3

Ferrocene IR, NMR



Jacobsen's Catalyst Part 1: Preparation of a Diastereomeric Salt





Feb. 10

Part 2:  Synthesis of Jacobsen's Ligand

Ferrocene (R&D, experimental, 25 pts)




Feb. 17

Exam 1





Feb. 24

Part 3: Synthesis of Jacobsen's Catalyst



IR, mp, [a]D of ligand





Mar. 3

Spring Break!





Mar. 10

Part 4:  Enantioselective Epoxidation

Jacobsen Parts 1-3 (R&D, exptl., 25 pts)




Mar. 17

Chromatography of Epoxide Product





Mar. 24

Characterization of Epoxide Product



IR,  [a]D, NMR with Chiral Shift Reagent





Mar. 31

Synthesis of Wilkinson's Catalyst and decarbonylation of aldehydes

Jacobsen Pt. 4 (Intro., R&D, exptl., 30 pts)




Apr. 7

Exam 2





Apr. 14

Characterization rhodium complexes IR, NMR, 31P NMR





Apr. 21

Characterization and check out






Final Exam

Wilkinson's Cat. (Intro., R&D, exptl., 30 pts)



Lab Safety:  Unsafe behavior in the lab will not be tolerated and violations will be penalized.  Repeated violations during a class may result in a zero for that lab.  Keep in mind that lab safety includes laboratory hygiene.  In the event that common areas are left dirty, (rotovaps, balances, melting point apparati, reagent hood) points may be deducted from the entire class.  If you have any questions regarding lab safety, please do not hesitate to ask.

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