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CHEM 000:  Laboratory Teaching Methods

Syllabus for Fall 2006


Instructor:  Holly D. Bendorf 

Office:  209 Heim

Phone:  321-4365, home phone 998-8647 (no calls after 11 pm, please)

E-Mail:  bendorf@lycoming.edu


Meeting Time:  Friday 10:15 11:05, plus 3 - 5 hours of practical experience per week.


Office Hours:  By appointment or drop-by.


Course Description:  This course provides students with practical experience in laboratory teaching.  Students in this course are paired with a faculty mentor and help supervise labs, deliver prelab lectures, assist in ordering chemicals and help prepare laboratory experiments.  Students will complete a project that integrates the chemical education literature, classroom instruction materials, laboratory safety and chemical procurement, storage and disposal. 


Text:  There is not a formal textbook for this course.  Rather, we will make use of the chemical education literature, most notably the Journal of Chemical Education.


Grading Criteria:


            Laboratory Instruction Project                            30%

            Prelab lecture*                                                  20%

            Lab Preparation Quiz                                         20%

            Evaluation of work as a teaching assistant*         20%

            Attendance*                                                     10%


            * Grades assigned in consultation with the laboratory instructor.


Learning Goals:  At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:

            - Use the chemical education literature to find laboratory experiments for use in class

            - Adapt experiments from the literature for use in class

            - Prepare prelab lectures and other materials needed for laboratory instruction

            - Identify and order equipment and chemicals needed for experiments

            - Prepare solutions and reagents for use in class

            - Determine the appropriate methods of chemical storage and disposal

            - Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of laboratory safety.




Laboratory Instruction Project:  This project is intended to guide the student through planning and preparation that is done when introducing a new lab experiment to the curriculum.  Drafts of each section will be submitted during the semester.  A final draft of the entire project is due at the last class meeting.


Prelab Lecture:  The student will deliver at least one prelab lecture during the semester.  The date of the lecture will be chose in consultation with the lab instructor. 


Lab Preparation Quiz:  This open-book quiz will cover solution preparation, mole calculations and other relevant quantitative skills.


Evaluation of work as a teaching assistant:  The student will be evaluated in his/her performance as a teaching assistant.  The student will be provided with a list of guidelines that will serve as a basis for evaluation.


Attendance:  Attendance at all lab periods is mandatory.  Arriving late or missing a lab meeting will result in a significant deduction from the attendance grade. 


Academic Dishonesty:  Be aware that in accordance with the College's policy on academic honesty, any work you submit must be your own.  Any instances of plagiarism will be severely penalized.   



 Course Schedule:


Date        Week      Topic                                                                                      Preparation for Class                                          


9/1           1              Course Overview, discussion of TA responsibilities                                                   


9/8           2              Searching the Chemical Education Literature  Meet with lab instructor to choose

                                                                                                                                prelab lecture


9/15         3              Prelab lectures                                                                      Due:  prelab lecture outline


9/22         4              Prelab lecture practice                                                         Due:  prelab lecture                                            


9/29         5              Lab preparation, preparation of solutions                       Review concentration units and calculations

                                                                                                                                Due:  Copy of article to be used for project


10/6         6              Ordering chemicals and equipment                                   Due: learning goals of experiment


10/13       7              Lab preparation quiz                                                                                                                                          


10/20       8              Preparing class materials                                                    Due: chemical and equipment order


10/27       9              Long Weekend No Class


11/3         10            Safety                                                                                     Due: draft of written course materials


11/10       11            Chemical storage                                                                  Due: list of safety considerations for the lab 


11/17       12            Chemical disposal                                                                Due:  statement addressing chemical storage                                                                                                                                 issues related to the experiment       


12/1         13            Course wrap-up                                                                    Due:  statement addressing chemical                                                                                                                                               disposal issues related to the experiment                                                                                                                                                                                                       

12/8         14            Laboratory Instruction Project Due                                               


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