Lycoming College                                         Quiz 5                                                   Write name on back

Chem 110, 2002                                                                                                                       upper right.




1.      Determine the sodium ion concentration and total ion concentration in a solution of Na3PO4 that is

0.0145 M Na3PO4.



Na+ concentration = ______________;  total ion concentration = ___________________


2.   Indicate whether each of the following is a strong electrolyte, weak electrolyte, or non-electrolyte.


a.       CH3CH2OCH2CH3            ______________________________


b.      Mg(NO3)2                          ______________________________


c.       KOH                                 ______________________________


d.      HI                                      ______________________________


e.       C6H5COOH                        _____________________________


3.     When an aqueous solution of copper(II) nitrate (Cu(NO3)2) is mixed with a solution of sodium sulfide (Na2S), a brown-black insoluble precipitate forms.  Deduce the formula of the precipitate, and write balanced ion and net ionic equations to represent the chemical reaction.


Ionic Equation:




Net Ionic Equation:




4.   Indicate the oxidation state of



            a.   Mn in MnO41-  __________;     b.  Mn in MnO2  ___________;  c.  Cr in BaCrO4 _________



5.   Balance the following redox equation:



            ____SeO32-     +   ____I1-      +   ____ H+            ____Se      +     ____ I2    +   ____H2O