General Chemistry 110 - Experiment 8, Thermochemistry, Lab Data

Part I: Specific Heats of Some Metals

Aluminum     0.4351 J/g

Brass            0.3109 J/g

Bronze          0.3657 J/g

Copper        0.382 J/g

Iron              0.446 J/g

Lead            0.1590 J/g

Steel            0.4477 J/g

Zinc             0.3883 J/g


Parts II and III: Data for Literature Value Calculations found in the textbook, Appendix C, pages A15-A18


Part IV: Food Value of Popcorn

1 ounce contains 198 Calories = 198 kilocalories

(1 calorie = 4.184 Joules)

You want to convert this to J/g or kJ/g to compare with the value you calculate.