Date   Speaker/Affiliation  Title
Sept. 5

J.J. Manikowski,
Lycoming College

Kimberly Hengst,
Lycoming College

Report on Summer Internship at Merck

Report on Summer Internship at Merck

Sept. 12

Daniel DiRocco,
Lycoming College 

Christine Colella, Lycoming College

Chemistry Club Elections

Tandem Hydroacylation Michael Addition in the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Precursors

Process Development in the Personal Care Industry - Report on Summer Internship at Croda


Sept. 19

No colloquium Chemistry vs. Biology Softball Game
Chemistry won, 17-15, in the midst of Hurricane Isabel!]

Sept. 26 No colloquium Gamma Sigma Epsilon Induction (5 PM, Heim G09)  
Oct. 10

Dr. Holly Bendorf,
Lycoming College                                   

Chelation-Assisted Intramolecular Hydroacylation:
Research Conducted During Spring 2003 Sabbatical

Oct. 17 
3:30 pm
Heim G-11

Dr. Gail Steckler-Harrison,
Biology-Chemistry Homecoming Colloquium

Issues in Medicine - A Physician's Perspective
Oct. 24

No colloquium Chemistry vs. Biology Volleyball Game
(3:15 PM at Forrest Hall Volleyball Court)

Nov. 7  

Dr. Charles Mahler,
Lycoming College

Adventures in Soluble Selenide Chemistry:
Research Conducted During Fall 2002 Sabbatical

8 pm

Dr. Jack Moore, University of Maryland
Meeting of the Susquehanna Valley Section
of the American Chemical Society   

Electron Chemistry
Nov. 21  Christine Colella,
Lycoming College                                
Report on Research Conducted as Independent Study
Dec.3* J.J. Manikowski,
Lycoming College                                 
Report on Research Conducted in CHEM 449
Dec. 5 Jennie Shaffer,
Lycoming College                                                    
Report on Research Conducted in CHEM 449

Colloquia will be Fridays in Heim G-09 with refreshments at 3:00 and the talk beginning at 3:15, except where noted.  Wednesday colloquia are marked with an asterisk (*).

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