Lycoming College Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs coordinates a variety of programs, services, and activities designed to enhance students’ personal, social, and educational growth and development. This is accomplished through a variety of programs, offices, and staff including: 

    • Campus Ministry
    • Campus Recreation
    • Career Services
    • Community Service
    • Commuter Student Affairs
    • Counseling Services
    • Greek Life
    • Health Services
    • International Student Advising
    • Judicial Affairs
    • Residential Life
    • Safety and Security
    • Student Programs and Leadership Development         

The Student Affairs staff view students as partners in the educational process and, therefore, expect that students will share responsibility for managing our educational community.

Campus Ministry

The United Campus Ministry, located in Mary Lindsay Welch Honors Hall, is staffed by a Protestant and Roman Catholic campus minister. The Campus Ministry provides a wide range of activities in support of the spiritual development and religious life of students. Ecumenical and inclusive in nature, Campus Ministry at Lycoming provides worship services, service projects, social occasions, retreats, and study opportunities. The campus ministers are an integral part of campus life and are available to students who may need support and spiritual direction.

Campus Recreation

The Campus Recreation Department provides opportunities for students, faculty and staff to enjoy a recreational sports atmosphere. The 54,000 square foot Recreation Center houses a suspended indoor track overlooking 4 large court areas for basketball, volleyball and tennis. The center also includes a weight room and cardiovascular area, both with state of the art equipment.

The swimming pool is accessible at different times throughout the week for open swim. The Intramural program is also available to students, faculty and staff and offers several different team sports including: flag football, basketball, volleyball, wiffleball and indoor soccer.

Career Services

Career Services provides services which are designed to help individuals make effective career decisions beginning with identification of their skills, interests, personality, and career related values.  For individuals unsure of what to major in, resources and support are available to research and assess their options and determine what they may wish to do after graduation.  For individuals sure of their major but not sure what to do after they graduate, in addition to one-on-one counseling, a variety of resources are also available including a library of career resources, online material, alumni, workshops, experiential learning, and networking opportunities.

Career Services teaches individuals how they can learn about different career fields and present themselves to potential employers in a positive and effective manner.  Helping individuals make appropriate and meaningful connections between college and career is a goal of Career Services. Career Services is located on the third Floor of Wertz Student Center. 

See for more information.

Community Service

Community Service is a learning opportunity for students accomplished in conjunction with various agencies in the Williamsport area and college departments. This activity allows students to expand their knowledge about diverse individuals and communities. The outcome of such service promotes students' personal and social development as well as giving them an enhanced perspective of civic responsibility and social justice.

The Community Service Center located in Honors Hall coordinates many service opportunities available to students, faculty, and staff in the greater Williamsport area. Projects include, but are not limited to, working with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, local school tutoring programs, Best Buddies, Adopt-A-Highway, Bloodmobile, Shepherd of the Streets, Colleges Against Cancer (including an annual on-campus Relay for Life), and the CROP Walk. 

Counseling Services

The college experience provides an unparalleled opportunity for intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development. Sometimes this experience becomes difficult and stressful.  Counseling Services strives to support and assist students who are in distress.  Professional counselors provide individual counseling, crisis intervention, consultation with students, faculty and staff and outreach programming on psychological, mental health, and substance abuse issues.  All services are confidential and free of charge to all Lycoming College students.  Counseling services also provides referrals to area mental health providers for those students who wish to meet with someone outside the college or whose needs cannot be met with services available on campus.

Health Services

Lycoming College Health Services focuses on the holistic care of the individual, health maintenance, and wellness through health education and prevention of illness. Educational materials and instructional programs are available through the Student Health Services.

Routine medical care is provided on a daily basis Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. during the fall and Spring semesters. The office is staffed by a full-time registered nurse and a part-time registered nurse with a physician available on a limited daily basis.

Health Services’ policies reflect the recommendations of the American College Health Association (ACHA), the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Residential Life

As a residential college, Lycoming College offers students the opportunity to integrate academic and residential experiences and to and grow as individuals and members of a community. Lycoming requires all full-time students to live in college housing and participate in the college board plan each semester of the academic year that they are enrolled. Married students, students residing with their parents within a 40 mile radius, students living with their dependents, and students 23 years or older may request to be exempted from this policy. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the Dean of Student Affairs at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester that students are requesting permission to live off campus. We do not provide housing for students who have dependent children living with them, or married students wanting to live together.

Campus housing puts put students at the heart of College activity. Through programs, leadership opportunities, and peer interactions, residents gain a sense of belonging to the campus community, acquire new knowledge and skills, have easy access to College services, make informed choices, and assume responsibility for themselves and their community.

The residence halls are staffed with upperclass students who serve as Resident Advisors (RAs). RAs provide information, refer students to campus resources, help enforce College standards, use skills for helping students and facilitate educational and social programs. Most importantly, RAs assist residents in the development and maintenance of strong, positive residence hall communities. With the guidance and support of Residential Life staff, each resident is expected to become involved in promoting a positive living/learning environment in his or her community.

Several different living options are available for students in our eight residence halls. Freshmen are housed together in a co-educational environment encouraging students to make a successful transition and develop class identity. The upperclass halls offer opportunities for co-educational housing, an all female hall, fraternity and sorority chapter housing, and a cluster living option. College apartments and the Commons are available to upperclass students  who meet specific grade and credit requirements and who are in good disciplinary standing with the College. Additional information about housing is sent to students following their acceptance by the College.

Safety and Security

The Department of Safety & Security strives to maintain an environment that is free of unnecessary hazards and disruptions. This responsibility includes the enforcement of Lycoming College rules, regulations, and policies. Security personnel are scheduled on an around-the-clock basis. An emergency telephone line is always monitored. Twenty-four hour a day telephone extensions are used to handle general security concerns.

The department solicits the cooperation of the entire college community in reporting unsafe conditions and suspicious activity on the Lycoming College campus. 

Other services provided by the department are: First aid and ambulatory medical transportation, emergency maintenance referral, an escort service, guest and parking registration, and the dissemination of telephone numbers and general information to the public when the College switchboard is closed.

Student Programs

The Office of Student Programs and Leadership Development promotes the personal growth and intellectual development of students through co-curricular programs. Just as the classroom experience provides a forum for new thoughts, ideas, and opinions, so does co-curricular programming. The office collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to foster innovative programs, encourage student learning, and prepare students for life beyond the College. This is accomplished in the context of supplementing the educational mission of the College. Through the efforts of the student administered Campus Activities Board (CAB), co-curricular programming is offered to the entire college community and is designed to enhance the overall educational experience of students through the exposure to social, cultural and recreational programs. Professionals on staff in Student Programs plan and implement leadership development training programs for all students including the student government, the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils and all registered student organizations.

Standards of Conduct

Lycoming College is committed to the creation and maintenance of a living/learning environment which fosters the intellectual, personal, social and ethical development of its students. Respect for the rights of others and self-discipline are essential to the fulfillment of these goals. Students are expected to adhere to the policies contained in the Student Handbook and other College publications. These policies, rules and regulations apply to all students at Lycoming College Students are encouraged to review the Student Policies Manual and Housing Agreement in order to familiarize themselves with the policies governing student conduct.