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General Information

Academic Experience

What were the strengths of the program?

What were its weaknesses?

What was your homework like and how much did you have?

How was work evaluated, i.e. papers, tests, etc.?

If you could change anything about the academic program in which you participated, what would you change?

Living Accommodations

Please describe your accommodation, i.e., homestay, apartment, hotel, etc.

Was it arranged by your program or did you have to acquire it on your own?

Please describe your level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction:


Were cultural excursions a part of the program?

If not, did you travel on your own? Please comment.

Prior to Leaving the US

Was there an orientation provided by your program or by Lycoming?

If yes, please describe.

What did you learn about the culture and the program after you arrived that you wish you had known before? Please be specific, so that future students may benefit.

What could you have done differently or for what could you have been better prepared-





What suggestions do you have for the Coordinator of International Education or for any of the administrative offices at Lycoming who were involved in your travel?

Specifically, how could we improve the services that we offer?

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